20 March 2012

Exalon to speak on XEVMPD workshops organized by Lorenz Life Science Group

Dr. Michael Braun of Exalon will speak on several free XEVMPD workshops organized by one of our partners, the Lorenz Life Science Group. 

Michael will give an overview presentation on the subject matter, including the background regulation, the development of the XEVPRM standard over the past months, the current XEVMPD requirements as well as the particular challenges for marketing authorisation holders that need to comply with the XEVMPD mandate.  

In the practical session of the workshop, Dr. Sebastion Knieps of Lionpharm will demonstrate how the challenges can be adressed by using the Lorenz "drugTrack" XEVMPD and Regulatory Tracking solution. 

To find more information and Registration please use the below mentioned weblink


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