12 January 2012

INFOTEHNA: EVMPD Hot issues - Insight in scope and format of information - Free Webinar

With the deadline for EVMPD submission fast approaching many challenges lie ahead, not just with the immediate submission by July 2012 but also with the on-going maintenance required after that date.
Learn about understanding EVMPD guidance documents, EVMPD submission challenges and how to tackle them, identification of information and documents needed for successful EVMPD submission and how to use eMPDExpertTM to manage EVMPD information and build XEVPRM.
Join us for this in-depth discussion approaching the challenges of this regulatory change and gain a greater understanding on how you can prepare for the intense activity of data collation and submission that lay ahead.
Andrew Marr, PhD, Managing Director at Marr Consultancy Ltd
Sinisa Belina, MSc. Pharm., Product development, Process improvement at INFOTEHNA Group LLC.
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